It all started around the kitchen table one night, this crazy blog idea. 

Originally, we thought we’d start a blog for The Doctor and a separate one for The Designer, each catering to their individual clientele. But the more we dreamed, the more we realized they shared a similar vision. They both wanted to educate & empower readers, to share expertise, and to engage others with stories & tips of their trade. As we continued to talk, common themes emerged.

They both spoke of family, food, authenticity, simplicity, balance, forgiveness, gratitude, courage, generosity, and celebration.

We listed these themes out on a legal pad, poured another cup of coffee, and dreamed a bit more.  And the ideas continued to come. 


So here we are now.

Our vision is for this to be a space that celebrates life through the exploration of what makes us joyful & whole. Feel free to pour yourself some coffee and join us at the table.


Tony & Dana Rector and Calli Shea