Welcome Back!

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So, it’s been while.

Our sweet little blog got put on the back burner this summer. 

Don’t blame me; I’m just the writer. The transcriber, really. I’m blaming it all on The Designer. 

I’ve begged, pleaded, bribed, and even trapped her in a car trying to elicit creative ideas … but the truth is, The Designer has been completely preoccupied, all her creativity channelled into one specific project. 


And here—finally—is the big reveal:

The Doctor & The Designer have moved!


Don’t worry, they didn’t leave Texas (or even Southlake/Keller), but they did change addresses. They discovered the perfect makeover house back in February, bought it, gutted it, remodeled it, and then moved in last month.

I’ve been dying to do a before-after reveal, but the simple fact is … it’s not entirely finished. Hence, the blog stagnation.

But this house! It has beautiful outdoor spaces and a sprawling, heavily treed yard. I’m sitting on one of the porches right now, enjoying a glass of wine with The Designer and watching my girls play. 

The sunsets are stunning on top of this hill, and even though it’s part of a small neighborhood, it backs up to the countryside, surrounded by horse pastures. The Doc is a country boy at heart, so he’s at home here. 

As The Designer puts her finishing touches on this—their seventh major home remodel—I can see the wisdom of the move. She finally found the perfect space for our family.

A space that blends rustic & elegant, rural & city, natural & refined, old & new—his & hers.


Even though the entire house isn’t yet completed, we’ve decided to feature a few individual spaces over the coming weeks. 

So, welcome back! We’re still here, and we’d love to catch up soon :-)